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KitMeet 1.7?
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The KitMeet experience started in 2010.
A three-day long workshop to really enjoy our hobby: working, talking, sharing knowledge, making friends.
A common place for meeting and lots of hours to enjoy. With no competition, no stress and no worries.
"Slow Modelling". Pure modelling essence.



KitMeet will be held at the Nau Bòbila Vella, the multipurpose building of the Palafrugell City Council, at 28th La Garriga Street, Palafrugell (Girona - Spain).
That was the warehouse of the old "Miquel Vincke i Meyer" cork factory, now restored and reconverted into a magnificent cultural space.
You can locate it in GOOGLE MAPS HERE.
And photos of the premises HERE.
This next edition, KitMeet 1.7, will run from 13th to 15th october 2017.
It will begin at 9:00 on friday and close at 14:00 on sunday. A long and intense weekend!
The premises are open daily from 9:00 AM till quite late at night, non-stop.
This way you can arrange your time as you prefer: making models, enjoying the meals, chatting with some beers around, having a walk beside the sea (or even a bath).



At KitMeet we are going to work, and you can bring models to build or to paint, started or not. As you like.
You can also join one of the Boxes: workshops where modellers with similar tasks or interests will work together along with a well-known advisor.
This way it will be easier to share techniques, tips and ideas around common themes, so to enjoy and learn between all of us.
As the different Boxes are confirmed, we'll inform on these here and at the News section.
Is not necessary to join now a Box in your Preinscription, but you will have when making your definitive Inscription.
Boxes confirmed for KitMeet 1.7:
• Terrains, by Rubén González.
     • Preparation of a base for vignette or diorama.
     • Making small constructions with plaster and foam.
     • Using products for textures and different types of groundwork finishes.
     • Special effects (water, puddles and snow).
     • Use of natural materials (sand, gravel, rocks and branches...) to complete the groundwork.
     • Use of artificial materials (vegetation and accessories) to complete the groundwork.
     • Finishing and presentation of the vignette or diorama.
Also, all along this weekend we'll have demos & lectures from some of our best modellers and friends.
As the different demos & lectures are confirmed, we'll inform on these here and at the News section.
Demos & lectures confirmed for KitMeet 1.7:
• Weld and cast textures and details in plastic, by Javier de Luelmo.
     • Factory and workshop weld lines.
     • Cast textures according to production methods and finishing.
     • Casting joints, reinforcements and grounding marks.
     • Extra armour.


If you'd like to see what happens at KitMeet and how much we enjoyed the past editions, you can check the pics HERE.



As allways, we try to make things easy for you:
• An affordable inscription of just 25 euros.
• Tables, chairs and electrical sockets (for your flex-lamp or power-tools) all ready and working as you arrive.
• If you need a flex-lamp and can't bring yours, you can get one for 7 extra euros (to pay along with your inscription).
• We have air compressors ready to use, so you can use your airbrush with no trouble.
• There will be again a Model Flea Market, so if you have surplus models, books, detail sets, etc, maybe someone at KitMeet could offer to them a new home.
• We have arranged a perfect, special offer for your accommodation that you can check HERE. Just mention the KitMeet when making the reserve.
• And of course, you can get the special edition polo shirt for this KitMeet 1.7 (pics soon). Price is 15 euros, to pay along with your inscription at the KitMeet account, writing your size and uds. at the "concept" heading of the payment.



Available places are limited to 100 persons, so it's good to make your preinscription as soon as possible.

If you are interested and plan to join, PLEASE DON'T FORGET to fill your PREINSCRIPTION HERE.

For the DEFINITIVE INSCRIPTION, some weeks before the KitMeet 1.7 we'll report to you the bank account for the payment of the inscription plus the possible extras like flex-lamp and polo shirt.
With payments DONE, your inscription will be then DEFINITIVE.

We have arranged special prices  in the new Aparthotel Arrels d'Empordà at the same Palafrugell.

Detailed information at the section ACCOMMODATION



Check the VISIT PALAFRUGELL website.



Palafrugell is quite well connected, in an easy and fast way with lots of combinations.

• By car: From Barcelona around 1 hour 20 min. From Girona around 1 hour. All by perfect motorways.

• By train: AVE high-speed trains arrive to Girona and Barcelona from Madrid and french frontier, and thereafter by bus or taxi to Palafrugell.

  Check trains, timetables and fares at the RENFE website.

• By plane: Girona (GRO) and Barcelona (BCN) have a multitude of connections with the rest of Spain and Europe.

• By bus: Check timetables, fares and services at the MOVENTIS/SARFA bus company website-



• Our email is allways open to your questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Check frequently the NEWS.

• Or follow us on TWITTER & FACEBOOK to know all the news. 


Come on!

We wait for you at KitMeet 1.7

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